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Our history


What you wear next to your skin needs to be comfortable and suit your style. This is exactly what JBS offers: fit, quality and individuality. This has been our way ever since Jens Berg Sørensen founded JBS in 1939.

With over 300 employees and retailers in numerous countries, JBS Textile Group A/S is Denmark’s biggest manufacturer of undergarments; and the market leader.  We have achieved this position by sticking to our core values, while constantly developing and renewing our company. We aren’t like everyone else. We have been involved with undergarments for eighty years, and all this experience can be seen and felt.

Our history

Our history began as a manufacturer of undergarments for men, and this is still our biggest business activity. The story began in 1939 in the moorland of Jutland.




By now, JBS has 15 employees and is ready to take on the major Danish textile manufacturers. On paper this seems an impossible task, but slowly and surely, JBS makes inroads to menswear stores all over Denmark.

The strategy towards getting the better of bad odds has now been determined. A complete underwear collection comprised of four models; small delivery packages to stores are not left with unsold stock, day-to-day deliveries, week-by-week and good old-fashioned traditions from Jutland: honesty, good faith and keeping promises. Our word is our bond.

This strategy quickly becomes a success. This is partly because of the arrogance of the larger manufacturers, but also due in part to their sole motivation being the delivery of large orders. Jens Bjerg Sørensen’s business model is far more adaptable than that of his major competitors, which is a distinct advantage. This means that JBS is able to offer stores an improved level of service, that is also more personal.







Jens Berg Sørensen’s son, Claus Bjerg Sørensen, assumes the role of director on 1 November 1986 as a natural generational change. He focuses on strengthening the undergarment segment.

Claus’s intention is to return the strategy of only manufacturing underwear. This results in the falling into place of the “total collection” philsophy, encompassing everything to do with underwear.

In 1987, Jens Bjerg Sørensen dies and is remembered as one of the greatest and most visionary driving forces from the Jutland moors.




JBS launches a ground-breaking viral film to the Internet in the autumn of 2006. The film, which is based on JBS’s “Men don’t want to look at naked men” campaign, turns traditional gender roles upside down. In the film, a young woman who is clad only in white men’s underpants, behaves like “a manly man”. Over the course of just a few months, the JBS film is viewed by no fewer than 11,000,000 people, almost achieving cult status.

In 2006, JBS is appointed as one of 330 Danish B2C (Business-to-consumer) SUPERBRANDS by the International Brand Council. In Denmark, the Council has used an analysis comprised of 2,100 consumer responses to evaluate which of the many B2C brands on the Danish market should received B2C Superbrand status for 2006.
The definition of a B2C Superbrand is as follows: When compared to competing products, a SUPERBRAND offers consumers considerable emotional and/or rational benefits that consumers (consciously or unconsciously) desire, recognise and are willing to pay extra for. JBS is also chosen as a SUPERBRAND in 2008.

JBS expands once again in 2008, this time with the buyout of Egtved socks, which are added as a supplementary component of the JBS collection.

2009 is the year in which JBS is able to celebrate seventy years as Denmark’s biggest underwear manufacturer, and the market leader.




JBS gains another amazing collaborative partner in the beginning of 2013. One of the biggest stars in football, Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo, partners with JBS to design trendy, cool collections of underwear and hosiery.

The Cristiano Ronaldo range has two different product lines: A cool collection designed especially for the youngest fans, and a more fashionable, sophisticated collection that is aimed at fashion-conscious younger men who prefer a high level of quality and great design.
The collaboration with Cristian Ronaldo gives JBS a unique international platform that will, in the long run, allow the JBS brand to become famous worldwide.

As a consequence of the astounding success on the underwear front, Ronaldo wants to take the brand a step further. The idea is to produce men’s shirts in a stylish design, and the football star wants JBS Textile Group A/S to manage the project. In 2014, we sign another agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo. This time for shirts.